With the growing presence of China in all sectors of Italy-EU’s economic, social, cultural and academic life, the promotion of a University Center that can deepen the above issues in an interdisciplinary way was considered crucial. Thus, Roma Tre University has established its Interdepartmental Center for Studies and Documentation on China and East Asia (It. Centro interdipartimentale di studi e documentazione sulla Cina e sull’Asia Orientale).

The Center count on a large team of teachers and researchers of the Roma Tre University, which can interact with other universities at national and European level, also in view of joint participation in Italian, European, and international research projects or in PNRR funds.

Furthermore, the Center is promoted by Roma Tre’s Center for Studies and Documentation on China, Department of Political Science (Altiero Spinelli Center of Excellence), Department of Architecture (Sino-Italian Center Fuzhou University-Roma Tre), and Chinese Language chairs of the Department of Foreign Languages, Literatures and Cultures.

The mission of the Center is to:

  • give further impulse to the didactic, scientific and documentary activities carried out in the last twenty years within the Roma Tre University;
  • welcome further adhesions by reaching out to all the professors of Roma Tre and also to Italian and foreign scholars interested in the research activities proposed by the Center;
  • disseminate the acquired knowledge on China and on other countries of the so-called Confucian pole in favour, foremost, of the students at the Roma Tre University, through workshops, conferences, seminars, exhibitions, publications, and the acquisition of a bibliographic fund.

For the next three years, the activity of the Center will focus on thematic areas divided into four macro-sectors:

  1. Politics and Law (with five sub-sectors respectively dedicated to foreign affairs and international cooperation, EU-China relations, Belt and Road Initiative, domestic policy, and Japan and other East Asian countries)
  2. Economics
  3. Ecological Transition
  4. Language and Culture

On March 7, 2022, the professors who signed the proposal to establish the Center unanimously elected Camillo Nuti (Architecture), Leopoldo Nuti (Political Science), and Chiara Romagnoli (Languages) as members of the Board of the Center, with Federico Roberto Antonelli (Political Science) as the Director. Chiara Romagnoli has been appointed Deputy Director.

The Center has its administrative offices in the Department of Political Science of Roma Tre University.

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